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Big River Camp Snow mobile rental & - safari

Bigrivercamp spa & hotel is today a well-established event / tourism company that was built from scratch with the start of in 2007 by the current owner in the village of Störånbänna.

The composition of unforgettable experiences in the fantastic mountain environment is specific and located direct to our attractive plant.

Here is service and customer's goals in absolutely first place.

We welcome all to visit us for a memorable stay.


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We can pick you up from the station in Östersund & Åre / Frösö airport.

Call for booking +46 645 22000

+46 645 22000
Guldgalan Årets Företagare 2018

Guldgalan Årets Företagare 2018

Annica & Berne Brenje Big River Camp

Guldgalan Årets Företagare 2018

Winter menu

We are very proud to present our new menu.

Activities and events

We have something for everyone - it is worth a try, maybe you will get some new favourites! Choose one of the options below or click on the button below for more fun activities.


Fishing in Jämtland

Fishing in Storåbränna-Lakavattnet’s fishing area

Storåbränna-Lakavattnet’s fishing area is adjacent to Hotagen’s Nature reserve which is located approximately 80 kilometres north of Krokom. The fishing occurs in a scenic environment with clean and clear water.


Björnjakt i Jämtland

Bear hunting in Jämtland

Strömsund’s municipality has one of the world’s densest bear populations.

Mountain trekking

Mountain trekking

The ultimate sense of freedom

In the nature reserve of Hotagen there are many hiking trails leading to adjacent mountains. A solo hike or a hike for the whole family in the magical world of the fell, windblown birches, rippling streams with fresh and clear water and tarns with fishing opportunities.



Safety first

Freeride on a snowmobile in a snow-capped area, get help from a professional guide to learn more about handling your snowmobile, how to ride in deep powder snow and about safety in the mountains. We also provide guided snowmobile tours.
We also provide guided snowmobile tours..


Rent a cabin, caravan site or hotel room and feel at home!

Hotell & Spa

Hotell Big River Camp

Newly built hotel in the world of the fell of Jämtland with 25 beds. Cosy rooms for 2-8 people with access to the restaurant, spa, massage and hot tub. Pack your backpacks with coffee and refreshments from our kitchen, rent a snowmobile or why not a guided tour, grab your skis for an outing to the expansive mountains with their magical views. There are snowmobile trails around the corner which also can be used by those who enjoy skiing.


6 cabins with 4-6 beds for those who want to arrange their own food. The cabins are adjacent to the hotel so with a reservation you also have the possibility to eat at the restaurant. Snowmobile trails are right around the corner, close to the mountains.



For those who want a stay in the untouched wilderness

This you can rent weekly during the period of June-August. It is located approximately 20 kilometers from the end of the road in Vinklumpen and it takes about 6-8 hours to walk. Here you can find the grand untouched mountain environment. This is where to go if you seek peace and quietness, just want to go fishing, pick cloudberries and just exist. The closest neighbour is almost 10 kilometers away.

Winter menu

At Big River Camp we have a nice and big room which is perfect for parties and dinners for everyone who wants a nice experience in the gorgeous mountains of Jämtland. Whether it is a Christmas dinner, work event, bachelor or bachelorette party, wedding, funeral coffee or a snowmobile tour with friends, we can help you make your party unforgettable.

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