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Fishing in Storåbränna-Lakavattnets fishing area

Storåbränna-Lakavattnet’s fishing area adjacent to Hotagen’s Nature reserve which is located approximately 80 kilometres north of Krokom. The fishing occurs in a scenic environment with clean and clear water.

Storån has plenty of trout and grayling which can provide pleasant experiences with a fly rod. In the lake of Lakavattnet you can go trolling with the amazing fell as a background.
The fishing can provide great trout or pike - and you don’t have to deal with the mosquitos out on the lake...

Support release of large trout occurs periodically in Lakavattnet and trout and char are planted in the tarns. Right now there is newly planted char in Tingelingtjärn, Långvikstjärn and trout in Råtjärn and Stenbottentjärn.

Fishing permits are only valid for sport fishing with rod brought by hand. There are fishing licenses valid for one day, a week or a year.

If you want to rent a boat take contact with Tj:s Skoter & Motor eller Harry G.

Fishing licenses are sold at the following locations:

Turistbyrån, Krokom 0640-164 00
Tj:s Skoter & Motor 0645-220 55
Harry Göransson 0645-220 41
Big River Camp Hotell & Spa 0645-220 00
Fishing license machine


We hope that you get an extraordinary experience at our pure alpine nature.